• Thomas Gundermann • 12 oktober 2017 17:06:57
    I have been on Kyrksjön in the last two Weeks for four times. I got 12 Gös ( 6 of them which were ca. 50 cm. I take with), and I can say that I like this marvelous place which I found four years ago. Thanks to Marlin: she is really a very kind and helpfull person. I will return in 2018!
    I told you the number of fishes I caught becaus I red on your homepage that it is interesting for you to know the result of fishing.
    And excuse me: but my swedish is not very good - especially in writing ..
    Hejda till next year!
  • Marcus karlsson • 26 mars 2016 10:12:30
    Ligger isen fortfarande på sjön? Eller kan man lägga i båt? Mvh Marcus